To see what a global warming rise in sea level would do to Charleston, take a look at this seven-minute video. (The narrator is Roland P. Alston of the popular SCETV program Making it Grow.) Even a one-foot rise in the ocean would cause salt water to move in some locations as much as a half-mile inland. Here is a scholarly, documented article explaining what would happen to the Charleston area in the event of a sea-level rise, and what steps we can take to help protect ourselves from whatever portion of that rise is affected by human activity. Governor Sanford has said that he is committed to looking for solutions, but he needs everyone's help.

Rising Seas: Challenges and Opportunities for the Lowcountry

One of the big issues in the county just now is the use of the incinerator for solid waste disposal. We need to stay aware of how these conveniences for us can affect other people in our city. Here’s what some of the people most affected had to say about it in a public meeting:

Public Comments on the Charleston County Incinerator