Solutions to Problems

How can I find out whom to call about the neighborhood problem I have [neighbor's barking dog, a tree I think is going to fall on me, a damaged stop sign near my house, etc., etc.]?
The City has recently developed a very quick, convenient way to report problems, at the City of North Charleston website: - Go to the "online services" part of the website. There's a link at the top of the website's home page, or you can go directly to the page at Then just follow the directions on that page. There is a drop-down menu to let you identify the type of problem that you have, so the message is automatically sent to the correct department. The best part is that the city assigns a case number to your problem and then assigns its solution to a specific person who must act on it and let you know the results. You get an email in just a few days telling you what is being done. If you choose to follow up later, you have the city email as a reference to know whom to call. This online problem reporting tends to be more efficient than just calling the city to begin with, because you get direct feedback from the actual person the system assigns to be responsible for handling your problem.

I am a veteran and need assistance. Where should I go?
Check out our list of links for veterans.

Is it OK to drive a golf cart on the streets of Deer Park?
Apparently so, provided you live or work in Deer Park and have proper liability (and perhaps comprehensive) insurance. Your insurance company should be able to help inform you about the availability and cost of that insurance. Our City Councilman has frequently encouraged residents to consider golf cart travel as a way to save money and to reduce pollution, noise, and speed on our streets. Of course, the decision must be entirely up to you. Here is the applicable law:

SECTION 56-3-115. Golf carts; permit to operate on highways and streets. [SC ST SEC 56-3-115]
The owner of a vehicle commonly known as a golf cart, if he has a valid driver's license, may obtain a permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles upon the payment of a fee of five dollars and proof of financial responsibility which permits his agent, employees, or him to:
(1) operate the golf cart on a secondary highway or street within two miles of his residence or place of business during daylight hours only; and
(2) cross a primary highway or street while traveling along a secondary highway or street within two miles of his residence or place of business during daylight hours only.