When: Monday, October 18th, 2010
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
Speaker Topic: Crime Watch

The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park
Official Publication of the Deer Park Neighborhood Council
Vol. 16; No. 67 October 2010

By Julia Long

Our deepest sympathies go out to two of our local families:

Our long-time DPNC member Colleen Garrett of Dantzler Street passed away in July. She and her husband Monty were together a strong team of supporters for our neighborhood. Colleen worked as a secretary for the South Carolina Department of Disability and Special Needs. and was quick to offer help to her neighbors. She didn't hesitate to watch over someone else's child after school. She loved her family. I know, because they were her topic of conversation whenever I visited her. Her face lit up as she shared family photographs, and told about her parents' history. She spoke proudly to me of her children and spoke with deep appreciation of her husband's contributions. Before she developed major health problems in the last years of her life, she was one of the first to volunteer whenever the civic club needed help. Colleen will continue to be missed.

In late August, Estle Keith of Baldwin Road passed away at home. Though I didn't know him well, he and his wife Virginia received me kindly and welcomed me into their home when I went by one day on a civic club matter. They were eager to be informed and made some very useful suggestions. This couple is typical of the good and dependable people who have made this neighborhood what it is. It is sad to lose such a long-time resident.

  • On Monday, October 4, the City Board of Zoning Appeals turned down a request for a buffer-fence variance at Robert Pratt's office building on Dantzler. The Board left in place the requirement that the office building place an 8-foot-high privacy fence between the vegetative buffer and the business activities. Mr. Pratt has done other developments in our area that have worked out well, and we're confidant that the fence protecting the neighbors will soon be in place for this particular business.

  • On Monday, October 11, the County Planning Commission approved a change in some of the language in the County University Boulevard Overlay. The new language sharply clarifies the previous intention of bringing together the County and City expectations so that all of Deer Park, those who have joined the City and those who have not, are living under the same legal zoning requirements.

  • Also on Monday, October 11, a request to rezone some acreage on Deerwood from R-1 (single-family residential) to R-3 (a mobile home park) was withdrawn when it became clear to the applicant that it was very unlikely to pass. We hope the applicant soon finds a suitable and profitable R-1 use for the land.

  • Oct 7, 9 AM, 9100 block of Salamander, Residence Burglary
  • Oct 6, 9:18 PM, 2100 block of Melnick, Narcotics offense
  • Oct 6, 11 PM, 2700 block of Donner, B & E auto (no forced entry)
  • Oct 3, 6:10 PM, 2600 block of Spivey, Residence Burglary
  • Sept 30, 8 AM, 8800 block of Deerwood, Stolen Motorcycle
  • Sept 29, 8 PM, 8800 block of University Blvd, B & E auto (forced entry)
  • Sept 29, 9:30 PM, 2600 block of Fernwood, B & E auto
  • Sept 26, 9:17 AM, Antler and Otranto, Narcotics Offense
  • Sept. 25, 9 PM, 8900 block of Elms Center Road, B & E auto (forced entry)
  • Sept. 14, 1 PM, 8700 block of Jenny Lind, Residence Burglary

Garbage Pick-up Schedule

Garbage: Every Wednesday
Leaves/Grass: Every Wednesday
Large Trash: Every Wednesday
(Please note that Thursday will be pick-up day when City Holiday falls on Mon., Tues., Wed.)
Recyclables: every other Thursday - October 14th & 28th; Nov. 11th

Board of Directors

President: Julia Long 553-3235
Vice President: Dennis Isgitt 797-2455
Secretary: Beth Evans
Treasurer: Linda Brinson 553-8832

Board Mbr. Apptd: open

Board Mbr. Elected: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Board Mbr. Elected: Audrey Carpenter 553-7768
Board Mbr. Apptd: Mary Hutson 553-4451

Key Personnel

City Council District 3: Bobby Jameson 824-1500
County Council Rep: Elliott Summey 200-4244
Neighborhood Crime Watch Representative: John Flinn 863-0659
N. Chas. Dispatcher:   745-1015
Housing Director: Darbis Briggmann 740-2560
Crime Prevention Officer:
Cpl. Brian West
Code Enforcement: Lee Youmans
CAC Representative: open
Membership: Linda Brinson 553-8832
Newsletter Distribution: Jimmy Mitchum
Jim Driver
Bill Lusk
Newsletter: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Disaster/ Preparation: James Brown 553-4329
Sick & Sunshine: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Voter Registration: Douglas Azevedo 572-2321

Our Neighborhood Website: www.ourdeerpark.net

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