When: Monday, October 19th 2009
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
Speaker: Deer Park Fire Station

The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park
Official Publication of the Deer Park Neighborhood Council
Vol. 15; No. 56 October 2009

President’s Corner
By Julia Long

I want to express my deepest appreciation to all those who have been supportive in these recent days, so difficult for me, after losing my mother. If I needed any reminder of how much it means to live in a real neighborhood, where people care about each other, I certainly got it.

By the time that you read this, the Planning Commission meeting of Monday, October 12, will be over, and several Deer Park issues will have been decided on. However, as I write this, the meeting is yet to come, and so of course I don't know how these issues will be decided:
  1. A variance has been requested for 2856 Fernwood Drive, regarding the city's required ratio between lot depth and lot width. Brenda Baldwin, from the family of Baldwins who were long-time Deer Park residents, wants to divide her very large lot in half, making two lots of three quarters of an acre each (still large lots). She says that the purpose is to make it easier for her to rent out the half with the house on it. Right now renters object to having to care for such a large lot, so Brenda is having to provide care for the whole thing. If she divides the property in half, she thinks she can find renters who will care for the yard attached to the house, thus leaving her with only one of the new lots to care for. The large lot on Shadow, directly behind Brenda on Fernwood, was divided the same way some years ago, and it has worked well. The problem Brenda has is that these two lots will have deeper back yards than the usual house lot of that width, and so she has to get special permission from the city. I think we should support Brenda on this, as it will help her without hurting the neighborhood in any way.

  2. A rezoning of the property at 2727 Wheaton Street has been requested. This undeveloped lot, like all the rest of Wheaton, is now R-1 (single-family homes). The owner wants this lot changed to R-3 (mobile homes). Property owners on the street strongly object, and the civic club will be supporting them at the Planning Commission meeting. It's very important for everyone to understand why such re-zonings can create problems for present residents. Right now any potential buyer looking at site-constructed homes on Wheaton will see that the street is in a process of over-all improvement for such an environment. Any grandfathered-in mobile homes will gradually disappear as the years go by, and the street will become more and more strongly single-family, site-constructed homes. Re-zoning a lot means that one or more mobile homes will be permanently installed on the street, with almost no future likelihood for a site-constructed home. But even more important than that, the re-zoning of just one lot is a red flag to potential house buyers; they will think this means the entire street will now be going to mobile homes. Such a perception could make it much harder to sell a house on that street. Zonings need to be as consistent as possible in each area. The sudden insertion of a different zoning on one lot makes the entire area seem to be dangerously in transition.

  3. The owner of 8911 University Boulevard has asked to have the lot re-zoned from R-1 (single family) to B-2 (very active business). If you start at Fernwood and drive down University Boulevard toward the interchange, you will pass Nevonna, then see the lot where flowers are frequently for sale. Between that lot and Nason Medical is the undeveloped property in question. The other business lots along there are B-1 (a somewhat less active business zoning), and so it would be appropriate for 8911 to have a B-1 (not the requested B-2) zoning right along University. Our neighborhood will be objecting to the B-2 as inappropriate among the B-1 business lots. But there is another problem. The other business lots are shallow and don't go back far enough to intrude into our residential areas. But 8911 is roughly a thousand feet deep. If the entire depth is re-zoned business of any kind, it will bring business down behind all the houses on Nevonna, down to back up on some of Baldwin Street, and behind some residences on Gable and Spivey Court. It could do considerable harm both to residential property values and to residents' quality of life to have business intrude deeply between houses. The solution is something called "split zoning," which means that a shallow part of the lot along University could be made B-1, while the rest of the lot, all the part between homes, could be left R-1. Various residents whose property adjoins the deep back part of 8911 plan to be at the Planning Commission meeting to object to the requested re-zoning, and of course the civic club will be there to support them.
If you intend to be at the Planning Commission meeting, I'll see you there. If you're not there, at our Monday, October 19 meeting, you'll hear how each of these issues turned out. None of us can attend every monthly civic club meeting; there may be illness or we may be out of town, etc. But come to every one that you possibly can. It gives you a chance to see your neighbors face to face. In years to come, whatever little thing that could have kept you at home, a TV show or a desire not to go out in the rain or a simple lack of energy, will be forgotten. You won't even remember what seemed more important at the time. But you will remember all the people that you took time to visit with, talk with, work with, and be a real neighbor to. The years have a way of sorting out what really matters. Be sure that your memories will include precious time spent with neighbors.


The city of North Charleston says that they have posted all of the unfit mobile homes in the Park at 8907 Deerwood and given copies to the owner. The burnt mobile home at 8827 Deerwood, Lot 34, is to be demolished before October 19. A Board Up Ordinance package has been sent regarding the Proveaux former residence, and there was a discussion with the owner about demolishing of the structures. The double wide office trailer is to be removed from the Salamander Park. The abandoned mobile home on Wheaton has been posted. The city says, "We are diligently working these properties and hope to resolve most of these matters soon."

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