When: Monday, November 16th 2009
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
Speaker: Brian West, City of North Charleston Police Officer

The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park
Official Publication of the Deer Park Neighborhood Council
Vol. 15; No. 57 November 2009

President’s Corner
By Julia Long

Please notice that my phone number has changed. It's now 553-3235. It forwards to my cell phone, which I keep with me most of the time. You are always welcome to call me about neighborhood matters. In the rare case that I don't answer, I am probably in a meeting or in a conversation with someone else, and I'll call you back shortly.

Brenda Baldwin got the variance she requested for 2856 Fernwood Drive. She needed to divide her large lot, and wanted to make just two lots, not the half dozen or so that most developers would have wanted to put there. But dividing into only two lots meant that each lot had a greater depth than is usually allowed for that particular width of lot. Naturally we were glad to see her making only two lots instead of half a dozen, and the civic club supported her at the Planning Commission meeting.

Last month's Planning Commission voted against a request to rezone a Wheaton Street lot from R-1 (single-family residence) to R-3 (mobile homes and trailer parks). However, as far as we know at this point, the owner has not withdrawn the request, so the neighborhood will again speak against the rezoning, at the City Council public hearing Thursday, November 12.

The owner of 8911 University Boulevard has not yet agreed to the much needed split zoning on that very deep property on University Boulevard next to the emergency care center. It is presently zoned R-1, and it is appropriate that the owner should be allowed to have light business along University. However, most of the property is located well into our neighborhood, between residential Deer Park properties, and so is inappropriate for business. At last month's Planning Commission meeting, the owner was asked to meet with the neighborhood and our Council Representative Bobby Jameson, in the office of the Zoning Director Bill Gore. That meeting took place, but no agreement was reached. We are continuing to work on this issue.

A new development on 8720 North Park Boulevard (roughly diagonal across the street from the gas station and near the Piggly Wiggly) has asked to be excused from putting in a sidewalk. By the time you read this, the matter will have been voted on at the November 9 Planning Commission meeting, but as I write this, the meeting hasn't happened yet. We'll let you know how that works out.

November 16 Meeting
We have two very important matters at our November 16 meeting. First, we'll be electing officers. Please, please, come and help us with this important process. Also, we will be discussing crime prevention and neighborhood watch issues. We'll have a list of the crimes reported by the city in our neighborhood for the last three months for you to review.

In Memoriam
The Deer Park Community would like to acknowledge the recent deaths of three different people that were very loved and cherished by other family living here in our area: Moye Tillman, the mother of our own Wheeler Tillman, died on October 12th at the age of 95. She was the youngest and last survivor of 13 children. A longtime member of our own Deer Park Community, we would enjoy seeing and visiting with her at some of our Deer Park Civic Club activities, namely our annual December Christmas party. In her younger years, she was very involved in varying ways within the North Charleston community, whether it was as a public school teacher, serving on the Citizens Advisory Council, or as a member of Clemson’s Master Gardener program, to name a few. She will be dearly missed.

Two of the DPNC, who are currently serving our community as active board members, also lost loved ones in the month of October: Mary Hutson and her husband Jack lost their son Jimmy Rogers on October 27th, after a bravely fought battle against ALS. Jimmy was only 57 when he passed away, also leaving behind his loving wife, Linda Taylor Rogers, son Jamie Rogers, daughters Jennifer Henderson and Sharon Martin, and many other remaining family and friends. Jimmy’s life encompassed many different types of outdoor activities, including athletics, where he will be remembered by many in the North Charleston community for coaching Dixie Youth Baseball at Northwoods as well as Pepperhill. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to this family in their time of grief.

Dennis Isgitt and his wife, Annette, lost a dear loved one recently as well. Annette’s father. Roy Walker, age 91, passed away on October 31st. Mr. Walker faithfully served his country during World War II in the United States Army. Farewell to one of this country’s older veteran’s. His service to our country is so much appreciated.

Happy Birthday to You!
Annette Isgitt, and her grandson, Amir, share the same November 5th birthday!! Amir just turned 1 year old. Happy Birthday to you both! Also, Audrey Carpenter and Susanne Azevedo recently celebrated their birthdays! If any of you would care to make a birthday announcement for anyone in our community, please let one of us on the board know about it and we’ll make sure it gets mentioned.

Garbage Pick-up Schedule
Garbage: Every Wednesday
Leaves/Grass: Every Wednesday
Large Trash: Every Wednesday
(Please note that Thursday will be pick-up day when City Holiday falls on Mon., Tues., Wed.)
Recyclables: every other Thursday - November 12th, 26th, Dec. 10th

Board of Directors

President: Julia Long 553-0325
Vice President: Dennis Isgitt 797-2455
Secretary: Chandler Schwede 437-4736
Treasurer: Linda Brinson 553-8832

Board Mbr. Apptd: Beth Evans 437-4140
Board Mbr. Elected: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Board Mbr. Elected: Audrey Carpenter 553-7768
Board Mbr. Apptd: Mary Hutson 553-4451

Key Personnel

City Council District 3: Bobby Jameson 824-1500
County Council Rep: Elliott Summey 200-4244
Neighborhood Crime Watch Representative: John Flinn 863-0659
N. Chas. Dispatcher:   745-1015
Housing Director: Darbis Briggmann 740-2560
SPEED Team Rep.: Jimmy Wagner 745-1069
Code Enforcement: William Holley 740-2681
CAC Representative Membership: Linda Brinson 553-8832
Newsletter Distribution: Jimmy Mitchum
Jim Driver
Bill Lusk
Newsletter: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Disaster/ Preparation: James Brown 553-4329
Sick & Sunshine: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Voter Registration: Douglas Azevedo 572-2321

Our Neighborhood Website: www.ourdeerpark.net