The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park
Official Publication of the Deer Park Neighborhood Council
Vol. 17; No. 5 – May 2011

Monthly Newsletter

Next Meeting:
When: Monday, May 16th, 2011
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
Speakers: Jim Brown - former DPNC President; Disaster Preparedness
                   Tracy Hatchell - Realtor - Speaking on Otranto property

By Beth Evans

At this month’s meeting, we are grateful to have two speakers. First is Jim Brown who will give us a presentation on Disaster Planning. The hurricane season is going to start very soon and this will be very informative on how to prepare. Our second speaker is Tracy Hatchell, she is a real estate agent for a property on Otranto. She will be informing us of what the property owners would like to do to that property since it was recently on the County Planning Commission agenda. We will also be taking a vote on having the summer off.

Updates on this month’s meetings:

The City Board of Zoning appeals had their meeting on May 9th. On their agenda was:
  1. A request to re-establish of the “grandfather” clause and enlargement of mobile home pertaining to the parcel on Melvin Court. Some DPNC board members were able to attend, and the outcome of this was that the “grandfather” clause was re-established and that the property owner needed to provide documentation that the previous mobile home size is no longer available on the market unless special ordered.

  2. Tree Life Ministries was seeking a variance relating to the illegal tree cutting for the property located at 2842 Otranto Road. This request was deferred for the time being. The DPNC board will continue to monitor this situation.

The County Planning Commission had their meeting on May 9th. On their agenda was:
  1. A request to approve a Subdivision Variance relating to the installation of a sidewalk for the property located at 8850 Rivers Avenue was withdrawn from the agenda. It seems that they may have received their encroachment permit from SCDOT.

Updates on other items:
  1. A barber shop operating on Otranto Road is still under investigation. The DPNC board will continue to monitor this situation.

  2. The bridge in Northwoods Pointe connecting to The Quarters is proceeding forward to have the bridge removed. The Northwoods Pointe subdivision had their annual HOA meeting on May 3rd and voted to have the bridge removed for many reasons. Bobby Jameson and I are proceeding to ask the City to have this removed since no permits were filed to have the bridge constructed.

  3. The sidewalk on Otranto Road to Rivers Road has begun construction.

  4. The sidewalk from Antler to Greenridge has been constructed.

  5. University Park is beginning to work on their next phase of building more townhomes.

  6. 8895 University Blvd County rezoning request was denied. After speaking to the potential buyer, they seem willing to get annexed into the City. I am working on getting an update on this from the potential buyer and from the City.

  7. The Highway 78 Hiker/Biker trail will begin construction soon.

  8. The City of North Charleston is in the midst of redistricting areas. Once the DPNC board knows more we will gladly share it.

  9. As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, I met with the City to discuss getting the maps of Deer Park updated to reflect the current zonings of the properties. This could start as early as June 2011. I will keep you informed of this as it moves forward.

Garbage Pick-up Schedule

Garbage: Every Wednesday
Leaves/Grass: Every Wednesday
Large Trash: Every Wednesday
(Please note that Thursday will be pick-up date when City Holiday falls on Mon., Tues., Wed.)
Recyclables: every other Thursday - 5/26, 6/9

Board of Directors

President: Beth Evans 437-4140
Vice President: Dennis Isgitt 797-2455
Secretary: Gene Retherford 813-2296
Treasurer: Linda Brinson 553-8832
Board Mbr. Apptd: Janeane Smith 224-6748
Board Mbr. Apptd: Carolyn Hicks 475-1218
Board Mbr. Elected: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Board Mbr. Elected: Mary Hutson 553-4451
Past President: Julia Long 553-3235

Key Personnel

City Council District 3: Bobby Jameson 824-1500
County Council Rep: Elliott Summey 200-4244
Neighborhood Crime Watch Rep: John Flinn 863-0659
N. Chas. Dispatcher:   745-1015
Housing Director: Darbis Briggmann 740-2560
Crime Prevention Officer: Cpl. Brian West 745-1096
Code Enforcement: Tommy Long 740-2677
CAC Representative: - open -  
Membership: Linda Brinson 553-8832
Newsletter Distribution: Jimmy Mitchum
Jim Driver
Bill Lusk
Newsletter: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Disaster/Preparation: James Brown 553-4329
Sick & Sunshine: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Voter Registration: Douglas Azevedo 572-2321