When: Monday, May 17th, 2010
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
Bobby Jameson & Candidates for House Representative

The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park
Official Publication of the Deer Park Neighborhood Council
Vol. 16; No. 63 May 2010

By Julia Long

I hope you've been enjoying the days of beautiful weather, and the magnificent flowers. Every spring, it does my heart good to see again how much beauty there is right here in our own neighborhood. I continue to get questions about the proposed Filipino Center on Salamander. Here are the five I've been asked most often:
  1. When will the group go before the county? We don't yet know. The next meeting is June 7, but the agenda hasn't been published yet.
  2. Is it true that the law treats a social club just like a church? Absolutely not. While it is a common opinion, among atheists for example, that churches and social clubs are just alike, and while everyone has a right to his or her opinions, there is in fact NOTHING that our government treats just the same way that it treats religious organizations. This won't change as long as we have the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It would be a serious possible legal violation for the County's Board of Zoning Appeals to take it upon itself to decide what is and isn't just like, or similar to, a church.
  3. Don't the Koreans have a heritage organization on residential property in Deer Park? No. There is a United Methodist Church that has many Korean-speaking members and services in Korean so those people can worship. It IS a church. The Filipino social club IS NOT a church. Legally, either an organization is a church or it isn't; there's no half-way ground.
  4. As churches are non-profit organizations and allowed in our neighborhood, doesn't that mean that the Filipino Center must be allowed because it is also non-profit? No. Neither the City nor the County treats all non-profits the same. To understand that, just think of the enormous range of non-profits. The largest motorcycle clubs in the US, which hold huge rallies in Myrtle Beach and other places, are non-profit, as is the United Way, the Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance, many organizations that raise money for medical purposes, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, many hobby groups, etc. Even the KKK is a non-profit group. All these groups have every right to exist, without regard for who does or doesn't approve of them. But they don't have a necessary right to move into a small residential City neighborhood. The National Speleological Society is non-profit. Its associated non-profit Atlanta group, the Dogwood City Grotto, has 180 members, all to my knowledge very nice people who have quiet and interesting meetings. They also have an annual party on their property, which has gradually become so popular that last year it was attended by 1500 people. Being nice doesn't qualify that group for being located in a neighborhood like ours.
  5. Hasn't the Filipino Center committed not to have more than 300 people at events and not to allow alcohol on their premises? No. These things are not mentioned in the written plan sent to the County. Based on the size of the building, which can't hold more than 300 people, the County only requires the 75 parking spaces that are in the plan. But there is nothing to prevent a party of, say, a thousand people, so long as no more than 300 are actually inside the building at any given time. We are told the Center will be rented out (a very understandable move considering the expense of supporting such a Center), but the plans before the County do not contain any statement of restrictions on renters. Please remember: If it is not written in the plan that the County examines, it is not a legal commitment, and it can be changed anytime.
Reminder: Do not under any circumstances accept papers for the civic club from any person. We now have a process server who insists he is not interested in finding out the name of the actual Homeowners Association he is supposed to serve because he seems to believe that the word "neighborhood" in our title gives him the right to dump his papers on us. I am not interested in doing unpaid work to make up for any processor too lazy to do his paid job of delivering the papers meant to find out whether a home about to be foreclosed actually owes Homeowner's fees.


The three candidates for our State House District 117 have been invited to speak at our Monday, May 17 meeting. Our own City Councilman Bobby Jameson will speak first to pinpoint the issues that we should be looking at when we choose which of these candidates we will vote for. They are all Republicans, so the race will presumably be decided in the primary. Come and hear these people; one of them will have considerable influence on your life in the future.


You may have noticed that we are having some additional police presence in Deer Park. This is because we had a sudden increase in violations, which we hope was just a temporary coincidence. But our police force does an excellent job of keeping tabs on where and when crime happens in each neighborhood, and then extra officers are sent to keep the increase from continuing. Keep your doors locked even in the daytime; do not open your door to strangers; keep your car locked and pulled into your yard as far as possible from the street. And in addition to these common-sense rules, please, please, please, call the North Charleston dispatcher to report any odd behavior that you witness. It's OK if it turns out to be nothing important; the police want you to keep them informed at all times.


A granddaughter of Billy and Audrey Carpenter has won a scholarship from the National Honor Society! We're so proud of our hard-working young people.

Garbage Pick-up Schedule

Garbage: Every Wednesday
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