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DPNC Newsletter - May 2007




                                                                                                                                                      [MAILING LABEL]

Date: Monday, May 21st,  2007

Time: 6:30 p.m.                                       

Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall

Spkrs: A.J. Gwyn-Cmdr. Southern Crime Prevention Task Force

              also, Coaxley Hilton and Bobby Jameson      

                                                  The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park


Official Publication of the Deer Park Neighborhood Council


                                         Vol. 10   No. 29         May 2007






By Julia Long



Our upcoming May meeting is a very important one, and we invite everyone who receives a copy of this newsletter. There will be three events:


1. A representative from the Southern Crime Prevention Task Force will be coming here from Georgia to present to us a seminar in self-protection. Linda Vetter's article below tells you more about what you will learn.


2. Linda will also be explaining how you can help the city, local businesses, and our neighborhood in sponsoring the distribution of child identification kits. These kits allow parents and grandparents to obtain and keep at home identification material that would be extremely important in helping the police if the child ever became lost or was abducted.


3. Coaxley Hilton and Bobby Jameson, the two candidates for the District 3 Council seat, will briefly sum up their plans and qualifications. One of these two men will be elected in June to represent us. You need to know what each has to offer.


At the end of the meeting we plan light refreshments and an opportunity to speak with each of our presenters. Please plan to be there. If you need a ride, call me and let me know. Even if you don't usually go out at night, we want you to be there. This important meeting won't be complete without you. 





By Linda Vetter



The Southern Crime Prevention Task Force is an independent task force of former Law Enforcement officers and was created and developed by retired law enforcement veteran, AJ Gwyn. The task force provides Crime Prevention Seminars for Fortune 500 companies, large and small, businesses, schools, churches, civic groups, as well as, conventions and various types of associations. Task Force instructors travel throughout the southern region of the United States to provide these valuable seminars.





The crime prevention seminars are designed to provide simple and basic defense strategies in the areas of personal, family, home, and automobile safety. Topics such as gang activity, prescription drugs and illegal drugs, armed robberies, home invasion robberies, burglaries, carjacking, sexual assaults, and rape are covered during the seminar. Some of the recent scams used by today's criminals are also covered, along with many other areas of concern. The instructors use visual aids throughout the seminar when covering a particular topic, without resorting to any type of "scare tactic".


The purpose of the Crime Prevention Seminar is for people to become "pro-active" versus "re-active" in today's ever-changing society. Criminals today are more mobile and active than ever before, so we must all have a plan of action no matter where we work or live. The goal of the Southern Crime Prevention Task Force is to prevent one person or family member from becoming a victim of crime.  







On Tuesday, May 29th there will be a PUBLIC meeting held at North Charleston City Hall on our COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT PLAN.  The meeting is scheduled to be held at 5 p.m. and end at 6 p.m.  This is an important “kick-off “ meeting of several more to occur through the remainder of this year and will entail the revising of various zoning and developmental issues that will affect us for the next 10 years to come.  If you can attend the meeting, please do. It is also scheduled to be broadcast on cable television, presumably on public access channel 60.







Deer Park 1B residents are scheduled to vote this year at Ladson Elementary School – 3321 Ladson Rd. This Municipal Election entails voting for Mayor and City Council seats for 10 different districts, of which ours is one.  The date is Thursday, June 14th.  Polling hours are from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.  There are several different guidelines pertaining to absentee ballots. If you need more information on what precinct you are in and where to go to vote or to find out more about whether you may vote by absentee ballot, please call 744-8683.




Garbage Pick-up Schedule                                                                      Key Personnel

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Recyclables:                     every other Thursday                                     Code Enforcement                      Jerry Groover                   740-2671                                                                                  May 17th, 31st, June 14th                               CAC Representative                  Sarah Collins                    553-0288                         

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Board of Directors

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Secretary                         Linda Vetter                     303-2331                                                                        Bill Lusk                           553-1348

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