When: Monday, March 15th, 2010
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
Paul Cummings - Tax Preparer

The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park
Official Publication of the Deer Park Neighborhood Council
Vol. 16; No. 61 March 2010

By Julia Long

There are two reasons for you to make a special effort this month to be at the meeting:

1. We need you at this month's meeting to discuss a private club trying to move to Salamander, bringing with it possible noise and considerable additional traffic through Deer Park and Northwood Estates, most likely particularly down Otranto, Greenridge and Deerwood. This issue requires the attention of not just Deer Park, but also The Lakes and Northwood Estates. We invite our neighbors from those communities to join us Monday night to formulate a response in this matter. The presence of this club could bring some noticeable changes to our area, and Monday may be our one opportunity to discuss it as a group before a decision is made by the county.

2. Because of the bad weather and other difficulties at our last meeting time, tax preparer Paul Cummings will be this month's meeting instead. Whether or not you have already sent in your taxes, you will want to be at the meeting to get information about tax planning for the years to come. I have myself recently had a very enlightening conversation with Paul about the possible tax ramifications for my children of my giving them some property now versus my leaving it to them in my will. Many of us are hoping to leave some sort of estate for our children when we are gone, but the tax issues are so complex that we may fail to realize that some of our plans could end up needlessly costing our heirs money. Unless you have so much money that it doesn't really matter to you how much the government takes out this year, next year, and after you are gone, you really need to be at this meeting.

Some of our members who may be very interested in these topics don't like to drive at night. Please, please don't let that keep you home. Just give me a call, and I'll arrange a ride for you. Some of our younger members tend to let things go along with the idea that the older residents will take care of it all. But these are matters that affect your future, so you need to be at this meeting too.


This past Monday, the Planning Commission approved updates in the Deer Park Comprehensive Plan that will help to guide development over the next ten years. Several items on the plan were far out of date. For example, the plan showed the hotel on Fernwood as destined to be developed as single-family houses. It also showed some of the property along University Boulevard inside our neighborhood as destined for higher traffic types of business than the present roadway is capable of supporting. The updates approved by the Commission were all common sense ones that don't prevent anyone who owns property zoned for future business from having future business.


We have been told that the Filipino group that has a center in the Moncks Corner area will in April be asking permission to put their center on a presently undeveloped lot next to the Gospel Light Church on Salamander. This is a fine group of people who provide aid and social events for those who are from the Philippines or descended from someone from the Philippines. They do good work, and this is a reputable organization.

However, this center could bring very heavy traffic and noisy special events into our residential community. As the lot is located all the way at the back of Deer Park, traffic would come through Deer Park and Northwood Streets. The center would apparently not be equally open to everyone in Deer Park, The Lakes, and Northwood. Some of our many, many residents who do not have Filipino ancestors might be invited to one event or another as a special guest, but non-Filipino residents would presumably not have equal access to membership. This could result in some of our teenagers having to be told that they cannot join athletic groups or attend certain events, all because they do not have the necessary ethnic background. We have never had a situation like that before in our community, and the extent to which this would create a divisive atmosphere is unknown. The lot has never been brought into the city, so has a county zoning. That zoning is R-4, meaning single-family residence.


The county handles zoning in a way that's a little different from the city's zoning. Because of that, in the past we have had conflicts that resulted in people on county lots having an advantage over those on city lots in terms of being able to do as they wished without regard for the property values of their close neighbors. To rectify this problem, Tim Scott, when he served as our county council representative, got the county to create an overlay University Boulevard district that matches the city University Boulevard Overlay. This helped to eliminate many of those unfair differences.

One difference that remains is that on single-family residential property, the county can allow "special exceptions" to put certain other kinds of things on those properties. For example, the County Planning Commission can make a "special exception" to put community recreation (like a public swimming pool open equally to all) on a single-family lot. Another possible "special exception" is a private club of some sort. Now, much of the Charleston County area that is not in a city consists of very large lots, some of it on major highways. On that sort of property, a private club could work well.

But a serious problem can arise when a relatively small lot inside a city, in a residential neighborhood, has never been brought into that city. Allowing some kind of "special exception" on such a lot could prove to be seriously disruptive to the neighborhood. Fortunately, whenever a request for such an exception goes to the county, a public hearing is held so that the community can bring its case. Individuals or churches that will be affected can and should speak, and every civic club whose area will be affected can and should speak.


This week has been a sad one with the death of our Deer Park resident, Rheba L. Isgitt, the mother of our civic club vice-president, Dennis Isgitt. Mrs. Isgitt was 74 years old and although her health was on a down turn, she felt well enough at Christmas time to come out and enjoy our food and festivities. We enjoyed visiting with her there. She had a wonderful group of family that attended to her needs, especially Annette Isgitt. We should all be so fortunate to have family like that around us when we need them the most.

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