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DPNC Newsletter - March 2007




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Date: Monday, March 19th  2007

Time: 6:30 p.m. Speaker: N. Charleston District#3

                                           Councilman Bobby Jameson


Place:  Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall


The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park

Official Publication of
The Deer Park Neighborhood Council                      Vol. 10   No. 27            March  2007





By Julia Long





Jack Garves and his wife are moving this week to their new home in Summerville, and I'm really going to miss them.  But Jack and both his father's family and his mother's family can never really be absent from Deer Park as they had so much to do with making our neighborhood what it is today. Jack's determined efforts in organizing the Neighborhood Council and his leadership during the early days of our group stopped Deer Park's from sliding into an area of little more than businesses and transients. Every one of us who values our neighborhood as a good place for families to live owes more to Jack than we can pay. I hope he'll keep up his interest in what happens here and return often to visit and maybe even give some advice.



Jack has promised to lend me some of his history materials to copy and add to a little history-of-Deer Park collection for the city archives. I hope you too will share your family history with me for our collection. If there's enough interest, perhaps I can get it all printed into booklet form for us each to have. Please think seriously about that. Surely, even if you're too modest to want to have yourself remembered, you'd like to honor your family members by having a record of their lives here.







The construction in University Park where streets are finished continues rapidly. Land has been cleared from Storen down past Baldwin and Powell Streets, behind the Westview Baptist Church, almost to the head of Wheaton Street for even more construction to begin soon. The developers confirmed this week that they will definitely be connecting their road to the end of Powell because the DOT has required them to have an outlet on the Fernwood side of their development.









New homes will be added to the two lots on Otranto that are located on the Deerwood side of Jenny Lind. The two houses presently there will remain, and a little road off Jenny Lind will enter what is now their back yards. The road will be a cul-de-sac with ten houses to be built along it.



You have probably noticed that the new Kerr Drugstore on the corner of Shadow and University Boulevard is going up quickly. There's still no definite news about any of the other lots in that business area between Shadow and Fernwood. 











It’s almost that time of year again!  To everyone in our community who wishes to participate again this year in the 2007 Clean City Sweep: we will be meeting at Bobby Jameson’s house, 8965 Deerwood Drive, here in Deer Park, at 8.a.m. until approximately 11 a.m.  If anyone has a project or a suggestion on a project, please give our Deer Park Civic Club President, Julia Long a call.  Her telephone number is listed below.







Garbage Pick-up Schedule                                                    Key Personnel

Garbage:                        Every Wednesday                                           City Council District 3            Robert Jameson             824-1500

Leaves/Grass:                Every Wednesday                                         County Council Rep                  Tim Scott                        797-3065

Large Trash:                  Every Wednesday                                         Neighborhood Crime             Linda  Vetter                303-2331

                                       ( please note that Thursday                             Watch Representative

                                        will be pick-up day when City                        N. Chas. Dispatcher                                                    745-1015

                                        Holiday falls on Mon.,Tues,Wed.,                 Housing Director                   Darbis Briggmann        740-2560        

                                                                                                                    SPEED Team Reps.               Paul Schofield              745-1069

                                                                                                                                                            Ethan Bernardi    

Recyclables:                   every other Thursday                                   Code Enforcement                     Jerry Groover                 740-2671                                                                                 Mar. 22nd & April 5th                                  CAC  Representative                Chuck Anderson           225-1189                         

                                                                                                                    Membership                               Linda Brinson                553-8832


Board of Directors

President                        Julia Long                       797-0893                  Newsletter Distribution           Jimmy Mitchum             553-0665

Vice President                Dennis Isgitt                 797-2455                                                                        Jim Driver                        553-0768

Secretary                        Linda Vetter                    225-1189                                                                        Bill Lusk                          553-1348

Treasurer                       Linda Brinson                553-8832

Board Mbr. elected      Wheeler Tillman              442-9435                  Newsletter                                  Susanne Azevedo         572-2321

Board Mbr. elected         Susanne Azevedo       572-2321                  Disaster/ Preparation              James Brown                  553-4329

Board Mbr. Apptd.      Audrey Carpenter            553-7768                  Sick & Sunshine                      Susanne Azevedo         572-2321

Board Mbr. Apptd.      Mary Hutson                    553-4451                  Voter Registration                    Douglas Azevedo         572-2321

Past President                 Robert Jameson           824-1500