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DPNC Newsletter - March 2006


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Date: Monday, March 20, 2006

Time: 6:30 PM

Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall          

Speaker: Carmon Hanlon-Beautification Coordinator for North Charleston



The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park

Official Publication of
The Deer Park Neighborhood Council                                  Vol. 10, No. 15             March 2006




By Julia Long





I'm waiting each day to hear from my daughter in Atlanta that I have a new grandson. Her older son, two and a half years old, will then be coming to stay a week or two with me and my mother. When he's here, I show him pictures of his great-grandfather who built the house "Nana" still lives in.

And I tell him about his great-great grandparents, who built the house I live in. He's still too young to keep all the people and relationships straight, but I think he grasps that for a long time his family has lived in, and loved, Deer Park. When he plays with his toy tools, he always pretends that he too is building a house.


As people move about, it's easy to lose sight of the importance of really belonging somewhere, a place where you have a history and where you are always welcome. Those of us who have been in Deer Park for decades have watched our neighborhood grow. Sadly, it seems that each developer who builds a group of new houses in and among the older houses gives a marketing name to the new construction area. New people who move in then don't always realize that they too have become a part of Deer Park and its warm family history.


Some of you remember with me when we were first told that a wonderful new road would be built behind us to solve all the area's traffic problems. Of course, we were told, it would cut us off from the people on the other side, but the sacrifice would be worth it. Well, I-26 didn't solve all the area's traffic problems! But by isolating us between it and 78/52, it did, I think, increase our sense of being a distinct neighborhood. Do you remember when we first heard a mall was being built near us? No more driving miles to shop!

And how thrilling it was to hear a hospital would soon be constructed nearby. When the Baptists wanted to build a college just a few blocks away, many people in this neighborhood contributed money so our young people could go to school without moving away from home. And what joy when the fire station was built! Before that, neighbors had to run to help each other put out fires in the woods before someone's home could burn. A number of young people who grew up in Deer Park later returned to raise their own children here.


For those of you who are new to our neighborhood, regardless of what religious organizations you may belong to or what other groups you take part in, I urge you to join the Deer Park Neighborhood Council. Make friends, and do your part to help keep Deer Park a safe, attractive, happy place to live.

Remember, if you've lived here a while, but not joined, it's never too late to become a part of our family of neighbors. Don't be just someone who passed through without leaving a sign that you were ever here. Become part of the history of Deer Park.








By Dennis Isgitt



It’s that time again. Clean City Sweep will be taking place from April 3rd to April 8th, 2006. If you didn’t know, Clean City Sweep is part of a nation-wide Great American Cleanup sponsored by Keep America Beautiful, Incorporated. Our results will be tallied and sent to Keep America Beautiful to contribute to the overall results for the entire country. Deer Park Neighborhood Council (DPNC) will be competing with other groups in North Charleston for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place honors. We will also be participating in a Photo Contest.


You are encouraged to look around your homes and property for those items you have been meaning to donate, recycle or just throw out. We will be receiving donated clothes to be given to the Good Will located near our neighborhood. There will also be a special trash run on Saturday, April 8th (normal regulations for trash pickup will apply).


On Saturday, April 8th, Deer Park will be conducting our group clean up drive. With help from a group of Citadel Cadets and the City of North Charleston Fire Department, we will be picking up trash along our streets. A special project is being selected to help one of our neighbors. The City of North Charleston will be donating plastic bags and gloves for us to use.




Around noon the DPNC will be having a cook-out in appreciation for all that have helped with Clean City Sweep. Exact location will be announced. North Charleston also donated a gift card to help with the expense.


Everyone is encouraged to participate. Your physical condition or age does not matter. There will be something for everyone to do. We can also use a few cheerleaders.


We will be gathering on Saturday, April 8, 2005 around 8:00 a.m. at Bobby Jameson’s home, 8965 Deerwood Drive, North Charleston, SC, at the corner of Fernwood and Deerwood. This will be the location for the base of operations. The cook-out will take place nearby.  Special Note:  If you can’t be there at eight o’clock but can join us anytime in the morning, your presence and your help will be greatly appreciated!! 


If you have any questions or need more information please call Dennis Isgitt at (843) 797-2455.


Lets make it a great day for all of us in Deer Park.






Garbage Pick-up Schedule                                                   Key Personnel

Garbage:                        Every Wednesday                                           City Council District 3            Robert Jameson             824-1500

Leaves/Grass:                Every Wednesday                                         County Council Rep                  Tim Scott                        797-3065

Large Trash:                  Wednesday, March 15th, 29th

                                          April 12th, 26th                                                SPEED Team Rep.                     Sgt. Perry                        745-1069

Recyclables:                   Wednesday, Mar. 22nd, April 5th,19th        Code Enforcement                     Jerry Groover                 740-2671                                         CAC  Representative                                                    Chuck Anderson           225-1189                         

                                                                                                                    Membership                               Linda Brinson                553-8832


Board of Directors

President                        Julia Long                       797-0893                  Newsletter Distribution           Jimmy Mitchum             553-0665

Vice President                Dennis Isgitt                 797-2455                                                                        Jim Driver                        553-0768

Secretary                        Susie Anderson             225-1189                                                                        Bill Lusk                          553-1348

Treasurer                       Linda Brinson                553-8832

Board Mbr. Apptd.      Wheeler Tillman               569-0212                  Newsletter                                  Susanne Azevedo         572-2321

Board Mbr. Apptd.          Susanne Azevedo       572-2321                  Disaster/ Preparation              James Brown                  553-4329

Board Mbr. Elected     Audrey Carpenter           553-7768                  Sick & Sunshine                      Susanne Azevedo         572-2321

Board Mbr. Elected     Mary Hutson                   553-4451                  Voter Registration                    Douglas Azevedo         572-2321

Past President                 Robert Jameson           824-1500