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DPNC Newsletter - July 2008



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When:  Monday, September 15th 2008

Time: 6:30 p.m.  (No Summer Meetings)                                  

Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall

                                                  The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park


Official Publication of the Deer Park Neighborhood Council


                                   Vol. 13; No. 41      July  2008



President’s Corner

 By Julia Long


An issue concerning the future of traffic in Deer Park has recently emerged, and is being discussed by email around the community. I realize that some of the people who get our newsletter do not have email, and I want you also to be informed. The question is whether you are in favor of ever extending Otranto across the interstate to allow traffic to pass back and forth through our neighborhoods to the new developments planned over there.    


These new developments, in what used to be called Ingleside Plantation, will extend behind us on the other side of I-26, all the way up to Hwy 78 above the hospital. To provide a main roadway for these developments, the county is working on plans to extend Northside Drive and connect it to a new road called Future Road. Northside Drive is directly on the other side of the interstate from Northwood Estates and Deer Park. Future Drive will run from Northside Drive to Hwy 78 coming out near the area of the old Blue House Road. Thus, without us even going all the way up to Ladson Road, we will have easy access through Future Drive, just a few blocks away up University Boulevard, to all the homes and businesses expected to be built in the new developments.   


Bobby Jameson has said he is favor of having Otranto Road eventually extended to cross the interstate to connect to Northside Drive.  Bobby says that  "I was the one who brought up the Otranto extension for future planning" and "I requested that possible extension capabilities be considered in this plan [the Northside Drive Extension] for ease of connectivity." He also said that whether we "Like it or not Otranto will someday be extended to Northside Drive and to the Palmetto Parkway. . ." Bobby has also said that he does not disagree with any of the problems Linda Brinson points out in her article below. 


Gaynelle Whittle-Shipp is the project manager in charge of extending Northside Drive  She says she was never asked by the county or the DOT or the City to plan for a future extension of Otranto, and did not appear to know of anyone except Bobby backing this idea. She also says that traffic experts know that any Otranto extension would be likely to worsen, not help, the situation at 52 and 78, as those roads could not bear the resulting traffic increase.  


In areas where pass-through traffic increases, homes may not maintain their value. The extension of Otranto would allow traffic to come in from Goose Creek and Moncks Corner and Rivers Avenue to pass through our neighborhood on their way to the new developments. This would almost certainly bring much heavier traffic through not just Otranto, but through many of our other streets as well. All this can mean lower property values for our residences. Seniors who need to sell their houses to finance a retirement home could get less money. Those who have sacrificed and saved for years could be leaving their children property worth less. Young people who have made only small down payments might even find their houses worth less than the mortgage they still owe.    


Tim Scott has told us that the only way an Otranto connection would likely ever happen would be if the City of North Charleston decided to push for it and provided some money for it.  So we need to think ahead about what we want because, even though the city and county and state are uninterested in it now, a future Mayor who wants an Otranto extension for pass-through traffic might be able to make it happen.   









Problems that would be caused by an Otranto Extension

By Linda Brinson



Otranto alone would not be able to handle the increased traffic that would result from extending Otranto to or across I-26. Vehicles, including trucks of all sizes, would also flow through Greenridge, Deerwood, Dantzler, Shadow, Fernwood, Salamander, Gable, Storen, Fawn, Antler, Adeline, and probably other streets as well.   


My husband Bill and I, living as we do on Gable Street, have already realized some negative impacts on our property since Gable Street has been extended into University Park. There are many cars traveling our street now that are headed through to the residential areas off Otranto Road. This increased speedway on our street not only endangers our grandchildren, cats, etc. but it brings added individuals looking for ways to take advantage of the neighborhood.  In the last three weeks, we have had two crimes that most likely would not have happened if our street had not been so frequently traveled. Bill stopped in mid-stream a robbery of plywood and construction materials from the house being built at the corner of Gable and Storen.  Also, on July 5 the Police apprehended a person who had stolen mail from our mailbox and several other streets nearby. I fully believe that these incidents are the direct result of our additional exposure to more traffic.  


If Otranto Road is ever extended over the interstate to connect to Northside Drive, many, many people on Ashley Phosphate Road will try to get to Goose Creek, etc. by cutting through Northside Drive and Otranto Road to Hwy. 52.   It also won't take the high schoolers long to realize this cut-through by way of Otranto Road   


In addition, it seems to me that an Otranto Extension overpass would be a cut-through from Ladson Road and all the subdivisions on Jamison Road all the way to Summerville for getting to the mall quicker. I'm thinking that even the subdivisions on the northern end of Patriot's Blvd. will travel to Palmetto Parkway to Northside Drive to Otranto Road to get to the mall as an alternate to Ashley Phosphate Road.   


This extension seems to me to be a nightmare to residents of Deer Park and Northwood Estates and Hollow Oaks and The Lakes, not a convenience. I get cold chills thinking of the added traffic on Otranto Road and the children in Deer Park who cross Otranto Road twice daily going into Northwoods for school.  This traffic will also be cutting through our neighborhood in the mornings down Otranto Road to get from Hwy. 52 to the businesses down Ashley Phosphate Road, thereby avoiding the connector and the light on the viaduct.  Hanahan has already contemplated this same type of cut-through, and figured out that the convenience is not worth the exposure problems that come with it.  


I would appreciate everyone letting the civic club know your input on this subject, as I cannot stress enough how this proposal for an extension scares me about the future of our neighborhood.  I have a really different view of the future of our neighborhood from our Councilman Bobby Jameson if he likes the idea of an extension of Otranto Road.





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