When: Monday, January 17th, 2011
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall

The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park
Official Publication of the Deer Park Neighborhood Council
Vol. 17; No. 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

This year we have had some changes to the Deer Park Neighborhood Council Board. I have recently been elected to be the new DPNC President. Julia Long is now our

Past President and is still very active on the Board.

Many of you may not know me so I will take this time to introduce myself. I have served on the DPNC board for the past year and a half and I am the President of Northwoods Pointe HOA. I work for a local insurance company as a Data Analyst/Programmer. My husband, daughter and I enjoy the outdoors, cooking and family time. My goals as president for this year are to have communication with the other HOA/Club Presidents within this area, continue to work on Julia's goal of starting a Phone Tree, and many more things. Communication among the other neighborhoods is something that I am already working on. I believe that by having communication we can continue to keep our area great. We would like to start a Phone Tree in the Deer Park area. This phone tree would be used to remind you of upcoming events and meetings.

I look for to meeting and working with you all.
Beth Evans

Your annual dues are due!

January is the month that everyone needs to please come up-to-date with paying your annual dues. The cost is $15.00. This fee covers varied expenses from monthly mailings/postage to food/refreshments that is bought and served at some of our get-togethers. If you are not sure where you stand on your dues, please contact our treasurer, Linda Brinson ( phone number listed below ) or send her your check at 2510 Gable St., N. Chas., SC 29406. Better still, bring your check with you to the meeting Monday evening and you can give it to her then. Those receiving the newsletter by email are still required to pay annual dues. We thank-you in advance for your honesty.


Congratulations to Audrey and Billy Carpenter on reaching the milestone of 50 years of marriage together! Happy Anniversary…. we wish you the best!

Garbage Pick-up Schedule

Garbage: Every Wednesday
Leaves/Grass: Every Wednesday
Large Trash: Every Wednesday
(Please note that Thursday will be pick-up day when City Holiday falls on Mon., Tues., Wed.)
Recyclables: every other Thursday - Jan. 20th, Feb. 3rd & 17th

Board of Directors

President: Beth Evans
Vice President: Dennis Isgitt 797-2455
Secretary: open
Treasurer: Linda Brinson 553-8832

Board Mbr. Apptd: Janine Smith

Board Mbr. Elected: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Board Mbr. Apptd: Mary Hutson 553-4451
Past President: Julia Long 553-3235

Key Personnel

City Council District 3: Bobby Jameson 824-1500
County Council Rep: Elliott Summey 200-4244
Neighborhood Crime Watch Representative: John Flinn 863-0659
N. Chas. Dispatcher:   745-1015
Housing Director: Darbis Briggmann 740-2560
Crime Prevention Officer:
Cpl. Brian West
Code Enforcement: William Holley
CAC Representative: open
Membership: Linda Brinson 553-8832
Newsletter Distribution: Jimmy Mitchum
Jim Driver
Bill Lusk
Newsletter: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Disaster/ Preparation: James Brown 553-4329
Sick & Sunshine: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Voter Registration: Douglas Azevedo 572-2321