When: Monday, January 18th, 2010
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
Bianca Sancic, Fire and Life Safety Educator for the North Charleston Fire Department

The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park
Official Publication of the Deer Park Neighborhood Council
Vol. 16; No. 59 January 2010

by Julia Long

This month we honor our local fire station on Deerwood. The people who work here have saved not just property, but also lives as they have frequently been the first responders to accident and illness in our neighborhood. We are incredibly fortunate to have them in our neighborhood. Despite the cold and the early dark, please come out to this month's meeting to hear from them, and to express your appreciation to them. They risk their lives for us; the least we can do is spare a few minutes one evening to say thank you.


To protect the quality of life in the City of North Charleston from all predictable hazards through prevention and emergency response.

To be a fire service leader as a diverse and cohesive team of professionals dedicated to providing service excellence in both proactive risk reduction and courageous, compassionate response to those in need.

We value:
Professionalism - We strive to uphold a professional image by the way we look, act and perform our jobs. We strive to further elevate the fire service as a profession through educational achievement, professional development and by contributing to the body of knowledge of the fire service.

Teamwork - We recognize that we must work together to achieve our mission by uniting individual specialties and the unique strengths of each of us to achieve our common goals.

Courage - In order to achieve worthy objectives, we willingly take calculated risks in the face of danger, difficulty, uncertainty or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from the course of action that our duties require.

Honor - We seek to act in accordance with the noble traditions of our profession. We honor those that have sacrificed their lives in the line of duty by constantly working to improve safety and service excellence. Dedication- We are committed to our mission, our department, each other and those we serve.

Respect - We strive to treat each other and those we serve with integrity, fairness, honesty and equality regardless of rank or status; always treating others the way we ourselves wish to be treated.

Compassion - We strive to achieve our mission because of our sympathy for those in distress and our desire to relieve their suffering.

Excellence - We strive to achieve and maintain the highest level of service through innovation, professional development and the continuous effort to improve.


If you missed the fantastic annual Christmas party this time, you not only missed a detailed update by your Councilman Bobby Jameson, but you also missed seeing a lot of smiling faces and a chance to intermingle with your fellow community neighbors and friends, not only from Deer Park but our other surrounding neighborhoods as well. We had quite a huge buffet of several different types of delicious foods to choose from, including freshly peeled shrimp, sweet potato casserole, sausage creamed casserole, scalloped potatoes………it was definitely a yummy meal !!! And, this year we had to put together two tables to accommodate all of the variety we had in desserts!!! What a display it was and plenty enough left over for those who wished to take home a plate full for later!!

As we have already entered 2010 and are halfway through the month of January, we want to say Happy New Year to everyone!! We expect this to be a great year for Deer Park.

Garbage Pick-up Schedule

Garbage: Every Wednesday
Leaves/Grass: Every Wednesday
Large Trash: Every Wednesday
(Please note that Thursday will be pick-up day when City Holiday falls on Mon., Tues., Wed.)

Recyclables: every other Thursday - Jan. 21st, Feb 4th & 18th

Board of Directors

President: Julia Long 553-3235
Vice President: Dennis Isgitt 797-2455
Secretary: Beth Evans
Treasurer: Linda Brinson 553-8832

Board Mbr. Apptd: open

Board Mbr. Elected: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Board Mbr. Elected: Audrey Carpenter 553-7768
Board Mbr. Apptd: Mary Hutson 553-4451

Key Personnel

City Council District 3: Bobby Jameson 824-1500
County Council Rep: Elliott Summey 200-4244
Neighborhood Crime Watch Representative: John Flinn 863-0659
N. Chas. Dispatcher:   745-1015
Housing Director: Darbis Briggmann 740-2560
SPEED Team Rep.: Jimmy Wagner 745-1069
Code Enforcement: William Holley 740-2681
CAC Representative Membership: Linda Brinson 553-8832
Newsletter Distribution: Jimmy Mitchum
Jim Driver
Bill Lusk
Newsletter: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Disaster/ Preparation: James Brown 553-4329
Sick & Sunshine: Susanne Azevedo 572-2321
Voter Registration: Douglas Azevedo 572-2321

Our Neighborhood Website: www.ourdeerpark.net