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DPNC Newsletter - December 2008



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When:  Monday, December 15th 2008

Time: 6:30 p.m.                                     

Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall

                                                  The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park


Official Publication of the Deer Park Neighborhood Council


                                   Vol. 13; No. 46    December 2008





 By Julia Long


Welcome to all our new members! It's been so good this fall to see that there are additional people who want to join with us to be supportive of our neighborhood. Our December meeting, Monday December 13, is our Christmas party, most people's favorite meeting of the year. New member or long-time member, you just can't miss this one. We'll be having a Christmas feast, and enjoying each other's company with fun and games and door prizes. Please bring either a favorite side dish or dessert if you can. If you can't, come anyway. It's very important to share in fellowship with our neighbors: meet new people and greet old friends. Invite anyone you know of who doesn't yet belong to our civic club, and come along even if you haven't been to a meeting in years! I'll count on seeing you there.





If you missed our last meeting, sadly you missed hearing TV's Debi Chard talk about her annual toy drive. She obviously cares very deeply for the needy children and families in our neighborhood, and she explained that there are even local children who don't get enough to eat when school is out because they are no longer getting the district-provided breakfasts and lunches. Her group coordinates with other Christmas-toy groups to be sure that each family is being supplied by only one group in order to help the supplies stretch to include everyone. But this year, with the poor economy, the needs are even greater than usual. Many, many thanks to everyone who brought a toy to the meeting to give to Debi. She sent this message for all of you: "I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to speak to your group Monday night, and more importantly to thank the group as a whole for the generous donation of toys.  I know you will help many, many children with your act of caring.  Sincerely, Debi Chard"  





To the Otranto Street Library, to be exact. On Wednesday, December 17 at 4 p.m. Spread some holiday cheer with lots of fun music, stories, a craft and a visit from Santa to celebrate this holiday season.  Fun for the entire family! 





Senior Citizens are invited to gather for Bingo and fellowship at the Northwood Park gym on Wednesday December 17, 2008, from 10:00AM to 1:00PM.  Bring your favorite light snack to share, and please bring a wrapped gift for bingo. In addition, if you'd like to participate in a “white-elephant” gift exchange, bring a wrapped gift for that exchange, too.










Speaking at our November meeting was a representative for the Nason immediate-need care facility that is being built on the corner where University Boulevard leaves Highway 78 and moves into Deer Park. He explained that the new center is designed to meet a need for very prompt attention to those who, perhaps because of an accident or other injury or sudden acute illness, require quick diagnosis and emergency care. The center will have extensive equipment to handle a wide variety of problems, and will be available without appointments for long hours each day (though not all 24 hours). It is due to open the beginning of May, and we look forward to it being a significant addition to our local medical facilities.  





Last year during our crime prevention meeting, we heard from an expert that a doorbell ring in the middle of the night or at some other unexpected time may be potential burglars checking to see whether anyone is home. The advice we heard was that while we should never open the door to some unknown person, we should respond to such a ring in some way that lets the person outside know that the house is occupied and that the occupants are alert. One suggestion was to shout out something like, "Don't answer the door, honey; I'm calling the police now!"


Why bring up this subject now? Last week North Charleston Police Chief Zumalt warned the civic clubs that in addition to the increase in theft that the difficulty in the economy is leading to an increase of theft and burglary especially among people out of work. He asked us to remind our members to bring in all valuables from your car and lock its doors, if possible to leave a light on outside at night, to show reasonable caution when shopping especially while in parking lots, and not to open your home doors to strangers.


One of our board members shared a personal email she received from a neighbor (we won't include the neighbor's name here) saying that last Monday morning someone rang the bell around 2:30 in the morning. The dog immediately began barking, and by the time the resident could go to the window the person ringing the bell had gone. Perhaps this was just a prank of some sort. But it could have been more serious. It's another reminder that we need to be careful.





Bill and Linda Vetter will be moving north to be near family.  In addition to being very nice people, they have made generous contributions to the neighborhood. Bill really put in hard work planting shrubs for our Clean Sweep; Linda has served on our civic club board, attending and sometimes speaking at city meetings for us, taking minutes, serving as a C.A.C. representative, and increasing community awareness of crime prevention. We will miss them. Come back and visit us again soon!





Garbage Pick-up Schedule                                                                     Key Personnel


Garbage:                         Every Wednesday                                              City Council District 3              Robert Jameson                824-1500

Leaves/Grass:                Every Wednesday                                               County Council Rep                  Tim Scott                         797-3065

Large Trash:                  Every Wednesday                                               Neighborhood Crime                  Linda Vetter                     303-2331

                                        (please note that Thursday                              Watch Representative

                                        will be pick-up day when City                         N. Chas. Dispatcher                                                             745-1015

                                        Holiday falls on Mon., Tues., Wed.)               Housing Director                        Darbis Briggmann            740-2560        

                                                                                                                    SPEED Team Rep.                     Jimmy Wagner                 745-1069


Recyclables:                     every other Thursday                                     Code Enforcement                      Charles Cook                    696-9562                                                                                                                                                                      CAC Representative                  Sarah Collins                    553-0288                          

                                                                                                                    Membership                                Linda Brinson                   553-8832


Board of Directors

President                         Julia Long                         797-0893                  Newsletter Distribution            Jimmy Mitchum              553-0665

Vice President                Dennis Isgitt                     797-2455                                                                        Jim Driver                        553-0768

Secretary                         Chandler Schwede            437-4736                                                                        Bill Lusk                           553-1348

Treasurer                        Linda Brinson                   553-8832

Board Mbr. Elected        Wheeler Tillman               442-9435                  Newsletter                                   Susanne Azevedo             572-2321

Board Mbr. Elected        Susanne Azevedo             572-2321                  Disaster/ Preparation                 James Brown                    553-4329

Board Mbr. Apptd.        Audrey Carpenter              553-7768                  Sick & Sunshine                        Susanne Azevedo             572-2321

Board Mbr. Apptd.        Mary Hutson                     553-4451                  Voter Registration                      Douglas Azevedo             572-2321