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DPNC Newsletter - April 2006


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Date: Monday, April 17th, 2006

Time: 6:30 PM

Place: Deer Park Baptist Church Fellowship Hall          

Speaker: Darbis Briggmann



The Voice of the United Estates of Deer Park

Official Publication of
The Deer Park Neighborhood Council                                  Vol. 10, No. 16             April  2006




By Julia Long



The afternoon of Monday, April 10, someone kicked in my back door and went through my house searching apparently for money, as other things, including a laptop computer, weren't taken. As you know, this has happened to a number of people in our community. This time, however, we have a description! The intruder was seen by several people. He is white, above middle height (maybe 5'10" or 6 feet or so), stocky in build rather than thin. He has a fair complexion and a medium-to-dark mustache, and, on his left arm, a large tattoo. He's driving a blue Neon. If you see this person, don't speak to him or let him know you've noticed him. Try to get the license number of his car. Call police (or me, if you prefer, or the head of our neighborhood watch, Linda Vetter) as soon as possible to give his location. If you see such a person and/or car at one of your neighbors' houses, especially if it doesn't look as though your neighbor is at home, call the police. We have to stop these house invasions before someone is injured or killed, so please keep a lookout.


As if the break-in wasn't enough, an hour or two later, there was a traffic accident at Fernwood and University Boulevard. One of the cars, though damaged, did not stop; the driver continued slowly down Fernwood with the other car, front end caved in and the horn stuck, following. The first driver pulled into the Westview Baptist Church property, leaped out, grabbed something from the car, and fled through the woods. Fortunately the other driver didn't appear hurt, and the police (who had just left my house) quickly returned to deal with the matter. What a day.  


Re-zoning on Otranto

Good news! The Planning Commission voted on April 10 to re-zone the old Cade property from ON (Office Neighborhood) to R-1 (single family residential). That property is a patch of woods, near Emmie Street, with a big drainage ditch cutting through the middle. Linda Brinson was there to represent us, and to encourage the Commission to approve. We want no more business locations on Otranto, as we try to encourage residential development there.


Free Health Fair at the Library

On Saturday, April 29 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., you can get more information about the Medicare prescription drug benefits that so many people are finding confusing; Social Security Administration representatives will be there to help you. Also, there will be screenings for various problems such as high blood pressures, HIV, and diabetes, all done by professionals in health care.


Find out about Permitting for Building

Do you want to build a garage? Or add a room to your house? Or do you just wonder who's checking on the new development near you to make sure the building, drainage, and buffering are all they should be? At our Monday, April 17 meeting, Darbis Briggmann, our neighbor and city expert on these matters, will be answering our questions and explaining to us how the permitting and inspecting process works. Be




sure to attend to get up to date on this important information, and invite someone else to come also. If we want our civic club to stay strong in protecting our neighborhood, we need to each take responsibility for encouraging new members.


Clean Sweep Day

Saturday, April 8, we had a very successful clean up day, and won a first prize doing it. Students from Charleston Southern University and cadets from the Citadel helped out. And what can be found lying along our streets? In addition to the usual nasty garbage, there were people's lost car and house keys, bullets, crack pipes, drug needles, and even drugs themselves. To show our appreciation for the library (and to discourage any thoughts that in a budget crisis, our library might be expendable), Bill Vetter with the help of several of our Deerwood firemen planted ten azaleas, three camellias, and four dogwoods, all in the little wooded area along Otranto in front of the library. Northwood Estates, whose people are also eager library users, planted a number of Indian Hawthorn bushes along the side of the building. Together, we provided and planted two small flowering trees in the back. Thanks to those hard-working people from Northwood Estates who also helped clean Otranto and other areas outside their immediate neighborhood. We must remember that the developments around K-Mart and Antler, and even part of Otranto (including the library building itself), while outside of any civic club area, are still part of our immediate living environment. If those areas get dirty and unpleasant, our lives are the worse for it. Stokes Honda provided a wonderful lunch for all the workers; many thanks. It's really good to see a business taking such an active interest in the neighborhood. There'll be more news in next month's newsletter (and just maybe even a picture or two) about the Clean Sweep and our success in the city competitions.








The DPNC and members would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Mr. Jim Brown, our disaster preparedness representative, who has recently lost his father, and also to the family of Bobby Jameson who recently lost his uncle, Harry ( Red ) Adams.  Please remember these two families in your thoughts and prayers.







Garbage Pick-up Schedule                                                Key Personnel

Garbage:                        Every Wednesday                                           City Council District 3            Robert Jameson             824-1500

Leaves/Grass:                Every Wednesday                                         County Council Rep                  Tim Scott                        797-3065

Large Trash:                  Wednesday, April 26th                             Neighborhood Crime             Linda  Vetter                553-8068

                                       May 10th & 24th                                       Watch Representative

                                                                                                                    SPEED Team Rep.                     Sgt. Ramsey                   745-1069

Recyclables:                   Wednesday, April 19th, May 3rd                 Code Enforcement                     Jerry Groover                 740-2671                                                  May 17th, 31st                                                 CAC  Representative                Chuck Anderson           225-1189                         

                                                                                                                    Membership                               Linda Brinson                553-8832


Board of Directors

President                        Julia Long                       797-0893                  Newsletter Distribution           Jimmy Mitchum             553-0665

Vice President                Dennis Isgitt                 797-2455                                                                        Jim Driver                        553-0768

Secretary                        Susie Anderson             225-1189                                                                        Bill Lusk                          553-1348

Treasurer                       Linda Brinson                553-8832

Board Mbr. Apptd.      Wheeler Tillman               569-0212                  Newsletter                                  Susanne Azevedo         572-2321

Board Mbr. Apptd.          Susanne Azevedo       572-2321                  Disaster/ Preparation              James Brown                  553-4329

Board Mbr. Elected     Audrey Carpenter           553-7768                  Sick & Sunshine                      Susanne Azevedo         572-2321

Board Mbr. Elected     Mary Hutson                   553-4451                  Voter Registration                    Douglas Azevedo         572-2321

Past President                 Robert Jameson           824-1500