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An Afternoon with Helen

Helen McPheeters Burgess and her family had been living in Deer Park several years when I moved here in 1957. Recently, Helen took me for a drive around the neighborhood while she pointed out where various families had once lived. I was amazed at the large number of families that she suggested for our history book. Thank you so much, Helen! What a huge contribution you are making!

Below are the families whose names have so far been submitted to me by someone. Almost all of them have or do live in what we today consider to be Deer Park, but there are a few who live nearby and have influenced our history in some way. Have you submitted your family name or the names of other families who should be remembered? If not, do it now!

  • Adams, Aiken, Alston, Anderson, Augustine, Azevedo
  • Baggott, Baker, Baldwin, Blanton, Boatwright, Bolchoz, Bomar, Bottoms, Bowers, Briggman, Brinson, Brown (Faye), Brown (Jim), Butler
  • Callahan, Carpenter, Carroll, Chambers, Chapman, Chestnut, Clark, Classen, Colby, Collins, Cook, Cooper, Crosby, Cross, Cummings
  • Dantzler, Darden, Davis, Davis/Cook, Densler, Dillard, Driver, Drutjons
  • Evans
  • Fasnacht, Flegers, Flinn, Folmar, Furr
  • Gable, Garrett, Garves, George, Gervais, Gordon, Grooms,
  • Hammer, Hannah, Herman, Holden, House, Houston, Huggins, Hunt, Hutson, Hyder
  • Irby, Isgitt
  • Jackson, Jameson, Jones, Judy
  • Kelecy, Kilgore
  • Langston, Lee, Legette, Linder, Long, Lusk, Lylerly
  • Mack, Matthews, McDonald, Merting, Miller, Mitchum, Mixson, Mizell, Morgan, Morris, Moyers, Mueller, Murray
  • Napier, Nelson, Norris
  • Overton
  • Powell
  • Rackley, Rao, Rea, Retherford, Ruddock
  • Schaeffer, Schwede, Scott, Sherrill, Shutt, Slaughter, Smalley, Smith, Stanley, Stephens, Storen, Sullivan
  • Taft, Tallon, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thornal, Tillman, Tindal
  • Vanderkamp, Vetter, Vick
  • Ward, Warren, Welch, Whisenhunt, Wild, White, Wright
  • Young